Handling and Storage

The concrete handling and storage sector is a critical component in the construction supply chain, requiring specialized solutions and services to ensure operational efficiency and product quality preservation

Specialized Solutions for the Handling and Storage of Concrete Products

The handling of concrete products, especially those that are prefabricated, requires robust and precise machinery. From cranes and forklifts to move heavy parts, to more specialized equipment for the loading and unloading of specific products, each piece of machinery plays a crucial role in the effective management of these materials.

The storage of concrete products, on the other hand, must consider factors such as the protection of elements, space optimization, and the facilitation of access for handling and inspection. Storage solutions must be designed to maintain the integrity of the concrete products throughout the entire storage period, preventing physical damage and exposure to harmful environmental conditions.

In addition, logistics and supply chain management services are fundamental to efficiently coordinating the reception, storage, and delivery of concrete products. These services may include advanced software for inventory management, demand planning, and product tracking and traceability.

The goal of these products and services is to ensure efficiency and safety in the handling and storage of concrete products, while maintaining quality and compliance with industry regulations and standards.